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Interested in a career opportunity with a reputed firm where I can best utilize my technical knowledge and soft skills to learn, grow and add value to the organization. Looking for work in the cannabis industry in Puerto Rico, ideally in a laboratory/ manufacturing setting, or in a dispensary.

Bachelor's in a hard science field. Experience working in a laboratory. Experience as well in customer service and retail from years of work as Bartender/ Mixologist. Much experience with Cooking/ Confectionery as a hobby. Licensed to work in the Medical Cannabis industry in Puerto Rico, with the certifications necessary to legally work in my desired settings in Puerto Rico. Willing to relocate for certain opportunities.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
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University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Bachelor of Science - BS, Theoretical Physics
Aug 2007 — Jun 2016
Related Courses:
• Physics: Classical Mechanics, Classical Dynamics, Astronomy, Special Relativity, Modern Physics, Special Topics in Advanced Modern Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Computers in Physics, Intermediate Physics Laboratory, Physics Seminars
• Mathematics: Calculus, Differential Equations, Mathematics for Modern Science, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Symbolic Logic
• Meteorology: Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Physical Meteorology


University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Student Laboratory Technician Assistant
Aug 2013 — May 2014
• Assisted in the maintenance and installation of laboratory equipment
• Collected samples for graduate students and researchers:
◦ Assisted in field sample collection of Coral Porites astreoides larvae for RNA analysis,
collection of adult corals for zooxanthellae counts, and collection and preparation of
macro algae for lipid, carbohydrate and pigment extraction with GC-MS.
◦ Assisted on the extraction process of water and fish tissue samples for analysis of
volatile organic compounds using GC-MS following EPA standards; included extraction
techniques such as soxhlet, liquid-liquid, solid phase extraction and accelerated solvent
◦ Collected live fish for graduate student research, fish husbandry and maintenance of
saltwater aquariums.
El Bar Bero Head Bartender, Mixologist
Jun 2011 — Current
• Specialize in confection of original cocktails and mastery of classic cocktail recipes
• Conduct training, inventory control and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
• Conduct market assessment and product advertisement; Afford excellent customer service

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